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Altsoft FTMaster (Font Type Master) is an application for font designing, editing and converting. It is completely based on Altsoft FTMBase API which provides a comprehensive set of classes and methods dealing with a variety of modern font formats. Managed .NET API component for font convertion is also available. Key Features: With Altsoft Font Type Master you may easily perform the following operations with any supported font format: Creating, viewing and editing various font data FTMaster allows you to create new fonts of any supported format. It is also possible to view and change font information presented in four basic categories: encodings, glyphs, names and metrics. Generating font preview FTMaster allows you to create a preview ...

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  Altsoft Font Type Master 1.5
... Altsoft Font Type Master is a Microsoft .NET Framework based software product for editing fonts and converting between different font formats. It is based on Altsoft FTMBase class library. It is a fully-functional GUI application implementing basic and advanced routines for processing fonts. It can be useful for font designers and end users whenever universal font formatting and editing tool is necessary. The functionality of Altsoft FTM includes: * Support for Type1, Type2, Type42, TrueType, ...